The Hero Sagas trilogy of high fantasy novels
The Hero Sagas trilogy

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Download a preview of the first 100 pages.

Book One: Rüneglaive

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Download a preview of the first 100 pages.

Book Two: Rüneguard

A Common Ōrc

By R. Sulliven

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Book Three: Rünehlem

From the original High elvan Map of Indrēl (A high resolution .jpeg image)

This wonderful .jpeg map is based on the original map used by Hīănthĕlŭs The Young during The Goblĭn Wars. Of course the names had to be translated from High Ĕlvan, but the look and feel were kept intact.

Read a priview of
the first 100 pages.
Read a preview of the first 100 pages

See artist renditions of the castels of Ĭndrēl Castles of Ĭndrēl (3-art of Ärqüāvēă's Keep and more)

Visit the castles of Ärqüāvēă's Keep, Nodreof, and more. Here you can explore the towers and walls of the great castles of Ĭndrēl as imagined and executed by the author.

Roll of Arms (The heraldry of Ĭndrēl)

Review the coats of arms of many of the noble houses and lineages of Ĭndrēl as well as the standards of many of the books' heroes and heroines. Here you can see high-resolution images for Men, Ĕlves, and Dwärves.

From the original High elvan

Character Gallery (Pictures of many of the main characters)

Paintings by several Southerland artists who were either at the battles and met the Ĕlves, Dwärves and Men involved or else based on first hand eyewitness accounts of the events that transpired during the Fifth Age of Man.


Languages (The High Ĕlf Tongue, Low Dwarvan, etc., plus a note on pronunciation)

Although different lore masters might argue over semantics, these translations are base on Captain Dĕlfēn's records, (with the aid of Härbōr with regards to Low Dwärven words).


Glossary (The Names of People, Places, Events & Things Unique to Ĭndrēl)

Here are the names of people and places referred to in The True Heroes Blood-line, compiled by the author.


Histories of Ĭndrēl (From The First Divine Epoch to The Fifth Age of Man) This interesting time-line contains some of the major events in the history Ĭndrēl, concerning the beginning of the world, the coming of the Lōrēăn, the the first Ĕlves and the creation of the race of Man.


Genealogies of Ĭndrēl (Regal liniages of the Houses of Ärqüāvēă, Nŏdrēōf, Ĕstĕrēa and more)

This document traces the genealogy of the royal houses of the High Ĕlves and of Man from the first Elder Ĕlves and the first Fathers of Men.


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