The Chronology of Indrîl

i. Cêlestêal Era
ii. Primordial Epoch
iii. Epoch of A’ü’ca’yth
iv. Primeval Epoch
v. Têlestêal Era
vi. First Divine Epoch
vii. Second Divine Epoch
viii. Terrestrêal Era
ix. Elvan Epoch
x. First Age of Elves
xi. Second Age of Elves
xii. Third Age of Elves
xiii. Fourth Age of Elves
First Dwarvan Epoch
xv. Dragon Epoch
xvi. Second Dwarvan Epoch
xvii. Epoch of Man
xviii. First Age of Man
ixx. Second Age of Man
xx. Third Age of Man
xxi. Fourth Age of Man
xxii. Fifthe Age of Man

The History of Ĭndrēl

> -10,001 years
Cêlestêal Era

Primordial Epoch = infinite years (the Antedîluvêan Lord)

Antedîluvêan exists and has always existed

-10,000 years
Epoch of A’ü’ca’yth = 1,000 years (A’ü’ca’yth)

Antedîluvêan looks into the Mirror of Time and sees His own reflection: A’ü’ca’yth

-9,000 years
Primeval Epoch = 3,000 years (the Quadrics)

Antedîluvêan Lord tears A’ü’ca’yth into four pieces: the Quadratics

-6,000 years
Têlestêal Era
First Divine Epoch = 1,000 years (the Octants)

Antedîluvêan Lord tears the Quadratics into the eight Octants

Rule of the Prime Gods, the Lêbdlôrêan, who first made the world, before the Ancient Gods

-5,000 years
Second Device Epoch = 1,000 years (the Pentatics)

Devine War—ends a thousand years of peace and tranquility

Ancient Gods emerge from the chaos left behind by the Prime Gods and used it to recreate Ĭndrēl and the Dêital Plane, Iximâlêfactôr cast out for 1,000 years

-4,000 years
Terrestrêal Era
Elvan Epoch = 1,000 years (Elves & Dragons)
First Age of Elves: the Age of the First-Born or the Elder Age = 250 years

The dawn of the First-Born or Elder elves—Lêbdlânêus Lôrnalon, Dlithenlânêus Lôrnalon & Câthenlânêus Lôrnalon as well as others, including Lênalôralî

The Dragons created by Iximâlêfactôr—Tàm Tôrra first of the great Drăgōns, then Kàt Arrôn, Tèm Arräl, Lèm Arräm, Vàl Arrïn

-3,853 years

Skêba hatched from the egg

-3,750 years
Second Age of Elves: Age of the First-Sired or the Drîäd Age = 250 years

The dawn of the First-Sired or the Drîäd

Birth of Âgêçêus, First-Sired son of Lênalôrnalon and Lênalôralî, and first Drîäd

Rock ôrcs, trôlls, and the other regenerative monsters spawned by Iximâlêfactôr

-3500 years
Third Age of Elves: the Age of the Second-Sired or the High Age = 250 years

The dawn of the High Elves or Second-Sired; First was Quinsônêsêus, Second-Born of Lênalôrnalon

The Ancient Gods affected the making of the Lands of the Dead

Gift of the Blithmêrêyâ—the Blue Rose Bush—to Ĕstĕrēa & creation of Evermore Forest

The Betrayer fashions the Lesser monsters, the Ôgres and the Ôrcs, the Ettins and the Elementals, then sends them forth to harry the First-Born and their children

Birth of Sôrinthindal, son of Âgêçêus and

-3,250 years
Forth Age of Elves: the Age of the Third-Sired or the Chî-Hô Vännêan Age = 250 years

Chî-Hô Vännêan elves or Third-Sired, of whom Châinêsêus Lon—Third-Sired of Lênalôrnalon—was the first, he who married Hô Vänn, daughter of Quarsänilon First-Born

The Ancient Gods effected the making of the Lands of the Dead

Birth of Ambrêella, daughter of Sôrinthindal and Êvont

-3,025 years

Creation of the Halflings to aid the mortal elves.

-3,000 years
First Dwarvan Epoch = 250 years (Low Dwarves)

Arxê creates the neutral Low Dwarf Race, first was Kägar Khazrôgan, and they quickly outnumber the Elves

Mining of the Krükzik Shaft below Stone Castle

-2,926 years

Ferimus the Fair is born

-2,925 years

Escape of Muldêcroptüs; Dwarves relocate to Feldsfär

-2,900 years

Mortal Çêlâsêus (HE) falls in love with Aqualêna the Nymph of Mâferêtônum and looses her

-2901 years

Âdon the Low Dwarf is born

-2,866 years

Rägnar the Rich is born to Kägar Khazrôgan

-2,856 years

Sîerthàlus Lôrêan is born to King Quinsônêsêus Second-Sired

The mortal Lesser elves begin to outnumber the immortal Greater elves

-2,830 years

Çêlâsêus the Elf weds Disänilês

-2,810 years

Sîerthàlus Lôrêen creates the three crystal Dîmandôrêans & forges the Sîers in their heat

-2,800 years

Sîerthàlus Lôrêen then takes to wife a Drîäd named Fôrfôrumflôra (Màt Arrôt)

-2,782 years

Thêzêon the Vengeful is born to Prince Rägnar

-2,751 years

Fall of the three High Elvan sons of Sîerthàlus, who forged talismans with black gold mined for them by Thêzêon and the sons of Kägar Khazrôgan before they were betrayed and left there to be destroyed by Muldêcroptüs

Until then sulfur mined in Flâmstôn Mines for magic furnaces

The Fallen Elves armed their trôll soldiers with the lesser weapons and shields of their forging and were banished from Ĕstĕrēa

-2,750 years
Dragon Epoch = 250 years (Drăgōns and Fallen Elves)

First Dragon War: waged against Kägar Khazrôgan by the Dragon Lords (aided in secret by Màt Arrôt and her three sons)

Âdon hews the left thumb claw off Tàm Tôrra with DRAKÜS GRAKÜS

-2,749 years

Kägar Khazrôgan is slain and Rägnar the Rich takes his throne—ONE WEEK LATER the fall of the Low Dwarf Nation to the Dragon Lords of Vôlca and their enslavement in Feldsfär and Stone Castle

Beginning of the Reign of Dragons

Âdon flees into the North

The Fallen seduced by Tàm Tôrra, who conceives Thôrnlânken by them

Tàm Tôrra brings the Fallen Elves to slay their father, Sîerthàlus

-2700 years

Second Dragon War: A siege is set against Ĕstĕrēa while the Dragon Lords vie for Kingship of Ĭndrēl—the Leaguer of Ĕstĕrēa

Quinsônêsêus flees into the woods with his family

Âdon, (who had taken Tàm Tôrra’s thumb, in the early years of the Dragon Wars), fights with Quinsônêsêus and Ferimus against Thôrnlânken

-2,650 years

Men first appear in Ĭndrēl, descended from Âdon & Filänêa, of whom Lêbdrêk was the first, then Dlithenrêk and Câthenrêk, born in that year, and many others after them

The Nameless One creates the Lesser monster races: the Common ôrcs and the kôbolds, the Tree trôlls and the Low goblins

-2619 years

Âdon dies at the age of 282 y.w.

-2,526 years

Fallen Elves slain by their own son, Thôrnlânken, and their talismans stolen by Tàm Tôrra and the Miser King, who challenges the other Dragon Lords and places himself at their head, naming himself King of All Ĭndrēl and Tàm Tôrra his Dragon Queen

Low Dwarves banished from Feldsfär, driven north in the March Of A Million Tears, and compelled to work the Flâmstôn Mines once more, on which Rägnar the Rich dies

-2525 years

Third Dragon War: Thôrnlânken turns to the Halflings and quickly breaks their resistance

Drîäd leave Evermore Forest

Thôrnlânken redoubles the Leaguer of Ĕstĕrēa

-2,522 years

Lênalôralî first to be killed by the bite of a widow-maker

Led by Lênalôralî’s widower, Lênalôrnalon, First of the First-Born, the Elder Elves build great ships and sail forth to the Newlands

-2,520 years

Chî-Hô Vännêan Elves also flee across sea, and settle in New Chî-Hô Vänna

Many battles and many of the remaining Elder Elves in Ĕstĕrēa pass away

Kàt Arrôn kills and eats Dlithenlânêus and Câthenlânêus

Lèm Arräm kills Vîtalânêus

Low Dwarves continue to rebel from time to time

-2,502 years

Thôrnlânken discovers ancient Dwarf Hoard below Feldsfär and confiscates it

Fourth Dragon War: the Low Dwarves rise up in anger and truly revolt against the Dragon Lords, led by Low King Thêzêon the Vengeful

-2,501 years

Quinsônêsêus returns to Ĕstĕrēa and unites elves, dwarves, and halflings, joined by Lênalôrnalon, who sailed back in a black ship with a host of his brethren; he calls for the Final Battle to overthrow Thôrnlânken and Màt Arrôt for good

Â’Lôrin the Tall, comes unlooked-for in the hour of need from the north, with 48 of his kin; Lêbdmâlânêus, Plîfêrêslânêus, and Ôrôrêk slain

Kàt Arrôn is slain by Lênalôrnalon to avenge Dlithenlânêus and Câthenlânêus

Last Stand and the end of the Dragon Wars with defeat of Thôrnlânken and the Dragon Lords; end of the Leaguer of Ĕstĕrēa; dwarves reclaim Feldsfär, the First Banishment Of the Dragons

Oath sworn between Feldsfär, Ĕstĕrēa, and the Brothers Lêbdrêk, Dlithenrêk and Câthenrêk. Men hold Scepter of Stelthlanthàlus safe for 1,500 years, Dwarves keep black gold ring, elves the black gold diadem

-2,500 years
Second Dwarvan Epoch = 500 years (Dwarves)

Men begin to till soil and tame beasts of burden, (Azgôräth built on ruins of the dwarvan sight of Stone Castle)

-2,498 years

Câthenrêk dies (aged 152 y.w.) and Filänêa returns to her Drîäd parents

Ôrô, Ôtô, Ôsô, and Ôzô of The House of Ôrôrêk ventures forth to found the Forgotten Realm

-2,271 years

Quinsônêsêus dies (age 1229 s.f.) after reigning for 1229 s.f., and Ferimus is crowned High King of Ĕstĕrēa at age 655 s.f.

-2,100 years

Birth of the Magus Gîzer

-2,020 years

Birth of Sôrçern Black-Handed

- 2,000 years
Epoch of Man = 2,000 years
First Age of Man: the Age of Art = 500 years

Azgôräthêan and Asarêan Empires flourish

The two boons, The Skyward and The Sôrçer, bestowed upon Ĭndrēl

First blooming of Blithmêrêyâ

T. M. Geyser banishes Rock ôrcs from Shên Valley & undead from Earthal Plane of Existence, (demons & devils, too)

- 1,500 years
Second Age of Man: the Age of Ignorance = 500 years

A false religion springs up and Aurôramän is worshiped in Azgôräth; inquisitions and executions of those who teach science or magic

-1,309 years

Chriskrisâlus the Clairvoyant is born

-1,127 years

The sprouting of Boughfast

-1,030 years

Hêrômer is born

-1,003 years

Sethtôn enchanted Sôrçern in a deep lake and stole The Sôrçer from him

- 1,000 years
Third Age of Man: the Age of Arrogance; the Age of Magic = 50 years

Scepter of Stelthlanthàlus falls into Sethtôn’s hands

Apocalypse War begins as a civil war in Azgôräth; the Great War; Hêrômer slays Mĕl Märra, the Red & Black Dragon at its onset

Ferimus is King in Ĕstĕrēa and Chriskrisâlus is a young Prince

The Battle of Kentry Plateau – “almost to the day, one millennium ago;” end of the Great War; Sethtôn, who wielded the black gold scepter, is destroyed by Hêrômer, who slew Mĕl Märra and banished her to Ardentêa (second banishing of the Dragons); Lord Landrôs and Lord Longsfôrth both slain; lands changed forever; end of Azgôräthêan and Asarêan Empires

The halflings still a great nation

-999 years

The mysterious disappearance of the people of Azgôräth

-998 years

The last blooming of the Blue Rose Bush

-997 years

Birth of Gâylôrn the Grand, son of the Magus Geyser

- 950 years
Forth Age of Man: the Age of Architecture = 931 years

Age begins when Hêrômer passes away at the age of 80 y.w.

First time the White Tower and the Dark Keep are built by Ôdon the White and Ôt the Brave, respectively; great cathedrals and temples built; timeless sculptures produced; the Three-sided Pyramids of Gôna piled up

-947 years

Ferimus the Fair dies (age 1979 s.f.) after reigning for 1324 s.f. and Chriskrisâlus crowned High King of Ĕstĕrēa at age 362 s.f.

-533 years

Antônêsêus is born

-531 years

Jurgandêa the Arrogant fells a sacred evertree to expand his house, breaking Elvan Law for the most recent time until Starêonêçê slays a deer

-500 years

Smithsands covered up by terrible sandstorm—the Black Day

-327 years

Kêelô discovers catacombs on accident and decided to stay in Earthal Plane of Existence

-320 years

Maxindîn the Great is born

-312 years

Chriskrisâlus dies (age 997 s.f.) after reigning for 635 s.f. and Antônêsêus crowned High King of Ĕstĕrēa at age 221 s.f.

-215 years

Maxindîn (Ferloxôlus) drives trôlls from Chânlênk Mts. and banishes them to the lands west of the Glimmer River, followed by the Spring of Great Content

-202 years

Old Man Sticks is born


Thorüm Brâkstôn is born

-183 years

Hīănthĕlŭs is born

-173 years

Hīănthĕlŭs’s brother is born

-139 years

Champêan and Ärqüāvēă wed by Silvermân (Maxindîn)

-138 years

Rebuilding of Ärqüāvēă’s Keep on the ruins of the White Tower & Castle Nŏdrēōf

Mèrêmith born to Champêan and Ärqüāvēă

-128 years

Hīănthĕlŭs weds

-125 years

Hīănthĕlŭs’ brother weds

-118 years

Dĕlfēnlonthàlus is born

Härbōr Brâkstôn is born

-101 years

Maxindîn discovers the Skyward, takes up quest for The Sôrçer

-100 years

The Rock ôrcs return to Shên Valley after nearly 2000 years banishment; Sir Roflêer the Ôrc Slayer kills 72 ôrcs single-handed

-90 years

Zōrwĭnd is born and spends next 70 years in Ĕstĕrēa with Hīănthĕlŭs at least part of the time.

Thorüm Brâkstôn slain in the service of Low King Thêrän in the very battle in which Thêrän loses his left hand to a Low goblin

-88 years

Antônêsêus dies (age 445 s.f.) after reigning for 224 s.f. and Hīănthĕlŭs becomes the Young King at age 95 s.f., beginning his daily care for the Blithmêrêyâ

-55 years

Jûlêonôlus is born

-44 years

Xärgōn born

-39 years

Legerdêmân is born into the House of Heroes

-25 years

Dĕlfēn leaves Ĕstĕrēa, eventually ending up in Ärqüāvēă

-24 years

Xärgōn becomes Wîzen to Hīănthĕlŭs

-23 years

Îvanrod is born into the house of Nôrsmôr (Fiery Dragon)

-21 years

Legerdêmân comes into the Green Turtle’s Watering Hole one spring evening, after his first harrowing battle with an ôrc

-20 years

Zōrwĭnd leaves Ĕstĕrēa goes to Firmen to be taught by Maxindîn along w/ Legerdêmân, Vôlgär & Barcôgan

Ăzmadüs is born, and thus begins the Modern Era

Barcôgan slays Muldêcroptüs, the many-headed hydra

Xärgōnthàlus counsels Hīănthĕlŭs to forgive Starêonêçê

Early stages Goblin Wars, before humans join in; Härbōr meets Brêâgôr

-19 years
Fifth Age of Man: the Second Age of Ignorance = 19 years

Kitfīr is born to King Jôran & Queen Nêdra in the moonth of Midwinter, as well as Prince Dîâvid

Zōrwĭnd, Härbōr and Brêâgôr, Xärgōn, King Jôran, King Hīănthĕlŭs, King Pîer, King Thêrän, and Legerdêmân fight Goblin Wars against Vôlgär dü’Ârant of Ixôr Rêmus, his henchman Barcôgan, and the High Goblin Armies

Jôran comes to the rescue of Queen Têendrâ and her two young sons breaking the Iron Siege

The last battle fought is the Battle at Shimmring’s Side where Zōrwĭnd defeats but spares Barcôgan and keeps his book of black spells for himself; Legerdêmân defeats but spares Vôlgär

Last time a Wood elf sings until Ambrêella rejoices at sight of Ôkwood

Xärgōnthàlus called to serve Fênus in her temple and leaves Ĕstĕrēa

Härbōr and Brêâgôr along w/ Zōrwĭnd hunt down and slay last of the Rock trolls in the Northerlands

-18 years

Mītăk is born into the House of Heroes

The Kâ-Zîer of the Copper Mountains’ lands invaded by Râfângus the Black of Macêadôr resulting in the Copper War, where Härbōr and Brêâgôr fight for the Kâ-Zîer in the Battle of Theringôr Vale, are separated, and the Kâ-Zîer slain

-17 years

Mĕrăk is born second son of Legerdêmân of the True Hero’s Bloodline

-16 years

Härbōr tragically slays Brêâgôr to save his own life in battle against Rôgnark Ônix and the Krispins of Nâdôr

-15 years

Vôlgär kills Mèrêmer and is sent to Lowest Planes of Ardentêa by Legerdêmân

Dĕlfēn comes to Ärqüāvēă

-14 years

Härbōr and Zōrwĭnd meet up again and join forces to fight against ; they become good friends, but with him Härbōr has a bad experience on the Isle of Bones

-13 years

Zōrwĭnd and Härbōr pass the great Falls of Thôrgarond; they kill a ghost with paint in the Krükzik Shaft below Azgôräth

-12 yeas

The reign of Gregôr the Innocent begins, (upon which, the calendar in Henderm is based)

-11 years

Prince Ênglâçêus is born

-10 years

Nŏdrēōf adopts thralldom, utterly destroying relations with Ärqüāvēă. Age-old alliance vows denounced by Jôran, who breaks the Peace Bough that had stood as a symbol of the sisterhood between their city-kingdoms for centuries

-6 years

Mītăk twelve and Ăzmadüs fourteen when they apprentice

-3 years

The last time Härbōr saw Zōrwĭnd before the wizard left for Firmen to pay homage to Maxindîn

-2 years

Maxindîn the Great is killed and The Skyward stolen

0 year

The Nŏdrēōfêan War