The Hero Sagas

This is the title of The Hero Sagas trilogy in the Low Dwarvan script of Rünic Cirth.
Michael R.R. McLaughlin

  When young Mītăk witnesses the kidnapping of Princess Kitfīr, by the sorcerer Ăzmadüs, he becomes swept up in an adventure that will unlock the dark secrets of his true heritage, pitting him against a relentlessly-vengeful knight, a lonely Sphinx, and his own better judgment, as he finds himself falling in love with the sorcerer’s seductive spy, Mĕl Märra.

“A boy, a sword, a princess, and a Drăgōn—In other words, a must-read for anyone who loves epic tales about Ĕlves and Dwärves, wizards and magic... or just a good, old-fashion, courtly love story.”


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The Hero Sagas
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See high-res. cover for Rüneglaive: Sword of Heroes.

Rüneglaive: Sword of Heroes is the first in a series of fantasy novels akin to the works of the master J.R.R. Tolkien and his subsequent followers, such as Terry Brooks, Dennis L. McKiernan, and George R. R. Martin. Rich with Ĕlf lore, thorough histories, complex languages, ancient genealogies, and detailed maps, this trilogy of myth and romance follows a young hero, Mītăk, whose ambitious desire for adventure and swordplay pulls him into a vortex of battling wizards, High Ĕlf & Ōgre armies, princes, princesses, mighty kings, ancient catacombs, and even a fiery Drăgōn.

3-D rendering of Ärqüāvēă’s Keep by the author, Michael R.R. McLaughlin


See high-res. cover for Rüneguard: Shiled of Heroes. Rüneguard: Shield of Heroes> is book two in the trilogy and continues to follow Mītăk and his ragtag group of companions on their quest to try and rescue a kidnaped princess and avert the impending war. Along with the powerful and venerable wizard, Zōrwĭnd, a mysterious cat-eyed cleric called Xärgōn, his own younger brother, Mĕrăk, a High Ĕlf who goes by the name of Dĕlfēn in The Outside World, and a Low dwarf named Härbōr, Mītăk goes in search of the magical talismans they will need to defeat the formidable sorcerer, Ăzmadüs.

3-D rendering of Ärqüāvēă’s Keep by the author, Michael R.R. McLaughlin. The Inner Gates.

See high-res. cover for Rünehelm: Helmet of Heroes. Rünehelm: Helmet of Heroes, the final installment in the trilogy finds Mītăk torn between his love for the innocent young princess Kitfīr, whom he has sworn to save, and the beautiful and seductive Drăgōness Mĕl Märra, who in the incarnation of a female warrior has infiltrated the Companionship as a spy.

3-D rendering of Castle Nŏdrēōf by the Author

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